Beautiful Nepal
A small country with an area of approximately 52,818 sq miles is diverse geographically as well as ethnically with more than 61 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages. You will find rich cultures and vibrant traditions, exquisite temples and monuments as well as fast flowing rivers and tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, making your trip an unforgettable experience. It is the only Hindu Kingdom in the world.

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Kathmandu City Tour
Kathmandu tour offers you the experience of rich cultures and vibrant traditions, exquisite temples. However, all the people from different races and religions live in harmony and there is an ideal blending of Hinduism and Buddhism.
To cross a street in Kathmandu is to travel across centuries. Shrines, temples, palaces, palace squares, ageless sculptures and legends that are parts of every brick and stone and gilded masterpiece, make Kathmandu Valley a verifiable living museum.

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Himalayan View Experience
Nepal, that you will never forget because of snow-capped mountains and quiet river valleys, of ancient preserved cities and towering pagoda temples, of friendly people and fascinating folkways. Nepal offers unique pleasures for everyone-tourist, mountaineers, trekkers, poets and those in search of a personal Shangri-la. The Himalayas are huge mountain range stretching 3000 km. east to west.

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